Youth Group

The youth at Hopedale Youth Group are talented FUN young people. They have unique personalities, each with specific interests and talents. Hopedale Youth are polite, energetic and talented. Their talents range from photography, music, creative artists to sports. We endeavor to explore all of their individual interests along with joining together with great fellowship and learning what Jesus has to say.

Our weekly devotionals cover many subjects including Attitude, Responsibility, Leadership, Integrity, Kindness, Understanding, Behaviour, Praying and Listening to God. We have weekly “lemon and cherries” discussions to celebrate their successes, disappointments and worries, all with a hope to support each other. Our focus is to foster an environment of trust, fellowship and a place to feel acceptance.

Quite often we have games night that ends with the much loved PIZZA treat! We have had pot-luck dinners (which have had an overwhelming applaude from the youth) and incredible support from the congregation through their donations of food and so importantly, their joining us.

We have bowling events where we have encouraged a friendly environment of competition and the importance of encouragement. The congregation always join us for the competition.

Other activities range from laser tag, photography evenings, ice cream at Tim Horton’s Creamery, walks at the Harbourfront in Oakville and even “Ice Cream Tours”.

The youth take part in some activities at the church that would include gaining required community service hours to graduate from high school.

Our focus is to provide the Youth a safe place to fellowship through activities, devotionals and discussions.

We continue our Youth group during the summer months with the exception of a few weeks for holidays. Activities centered around “cooling off” in the warm weather, running through the sprinklers and meeting for lunch at the church.

If  you would like more information about the Youth Group at Hopedale please contact Cheri Valcheff